3-Methyl-Methamphetamine (3-Me-MA, 3MMA) is a new invention from Juklislab. It is the β-deketo analogue of 3MMC (the amphetamine version of 3MMC).

Other names: 3,N-Dimethylamphetamine, 3-Me-MA, 3MMA, Emma

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La IUPAC de 3MMA es 'N-methyl-1-(3-methylphenyl)propan-2-amine', su número CAS es 1419922-19-2.

Chemical structure of 3MMA


Este producto debe ser legal en el país de destino o no aceptaremos el pedido. Es responsabilidad del cliente realizar las investigaciones necesarias en relación con sus leyes locales. A continuación encontrará un mapa que muestra cómo vemos la situación actual de la legalidad de 3mma. Nuestra propia investigación jurídica llegó a la conclusión de que 3mma no está regulado en France, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Greece, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg, Republic of Serbia, Slovenia, Ireland, Iceland.
Si usted piensa que estos datos son incorrectos, por favor envíenos un email con los textos de la ley. Sólo enviamos a zonas verdes. Estamos seguros de que 3mma está prohibido en las zonas rojas. No sabemos sobre las áreas grises/marrones, si desea un envío a un país así, por favor, proporciónenos los textos de las leyes locales y cambiaremos el color a verde después de una comprobación positiva.

legal info map for our product 3MMA, green are countries where we found no ban, red with ban, grey is unknown
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Image from our product 3MMA-crystals which we make at our dedicated lab
This chemical IS NOT 3-Methoxymethamphetamine !!! Please don't confuse both, this is the methyl version.



3-MMA is absolute BLISS

No, NOT 3-MMC, 3-MMA (3-methylmethamphetamine) or as it should be written; 3-Me-MA; It's a methamphetamine analogue and it's just insanely good. There's practically noting known about the dose or anything else really, except that it's supposed to be more balanced in it's monoamine release than fluorinated MA analogues.

I took quite a lot of etizolam before because i had no idea what the dose was, so i first took a tiny keybump and except that this shit BURNS as bad as meth does nothing happened. I decide to take a big rock out of the bagie, probably 100ish mg and cut it up. I snort ⅓ of the line. AUCH

Within minutes I feel a very familiar rush, my brain got flooded with dopamine identically to a meth rush, but then the second wave came on, this was a very serotonergic headrush which immediately came wiith that ''out of it'' headspace strong serotonine releasers give, started getting a good ammount of nystagmus and those heavenly tingles in your head that any rushy stim gives.

I was smoking a cigg riding the wave but one thing stood out, I didn't notice any physical stimulation. Sure that's because of the benzos but also the drug itself didn't feel like it tweaks you up that much, kinda like 3-FA compared to regular amp. My theory is that just like 3-FA it has less affinity for NE.

Anyway after my cigg I take another ⅓ line and thats when the rush got really strong, like what smoking a good fat hit of meth gives you. I also start to feel the serotonic effects get stronger and I'm almost in a rollin headspace. Eyes wobbling all over the place combined with INSANE euphoria and feeling just chill. This isn't one of those stims that give you an insane rush but also make it feel like you are going into cardiac arrest.

I listened to some Slayer for half an hour and finished the rest.

Man, this stuff is AMAZING. It's like a chilled out version of meth with a huge serotonine dump on top., which can be kinda annoying, like I'm geeked out and wanna write a full report but my mind is in that wierd ''serotonine-retard'' state. It's also annoying trying to read when your eyes are shaking so sorry for the typos. It does have quite severe vasoconstriction in my hands especially.

But I have to rate this at least a 8.5, if not 9/10. It's fucking amazing, the rush comes in two parts. First like meth's dopamine rush but turned down a bit and then a decent dose of snorted MDMA gets dropped on top, all the while u just stay chill. I'm guessing I did take a (very?) high dose.

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Hi there,

I've been researching this compound for a few weeks now. I love it. My friends and I have been researching pyrovalerone analogues for too long. I am very happy to find a strong stimulant that still floats my boat. I've been strung out on alpha-PiHP for more than a year. Regular stimulants don't seem to affect me much anymore. So I am very glad to 'welcome' this compound. Alpha-PiHP is a lot cheaper, but the short duration of the substance has made it into a lifestyle more than a stimulant. So I don't mind paying more for 3MMA. Thank you Juklis!

Kind regards,


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