Because of the great success of Euthylon, we tried to make a similar compound with 4-methyl instead of the MD bridge. It turned out that the substance already had a name, it is called 4Me-NEB, but we are not aware that it has ever been sold. Receptor binding software shows that it is a triple reuptake inhibitor that is more potent than euthylon. Initial tripreports are available, but they are inconclusive at this time. We have made a small batch in powder form, and if the feedback is good, we will make a larger crystal batch. We can send free samples with every regular order.

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La IUPAC de 4Me-NEB es '2-(ethylamino)-1-(4-methylphenyl)butan-1-one', su número CAS es 18268-19-4.

Chemical structure of 4Me-NEB


Este producto debe ser legal en el país de destino o no aceptaremos el pedido. Es responsabilidad del cliente realizar las investigaciones necesarias en relación con sus leyes locales. A continuación encontrará un mapa que muestra cómo vemos la situación actual de la legalidad de 4me-neb. Nuestra propia investigación jurídica llegó a la conclusión de que 4me-neb no está regulado en Netherlands, Slovakia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Sweden, Luxembourg, Republic of Serbia, Iceland, Czech Republic.
Si usted piensa que estos datos son incorrectos, por favor envíenos un email con los textos de la ley. Sólo enviamos a zonas verdes. Estamos seguros de que 4me-neb está prohibido en las zonas rojas. No sabemos sobre las áreas grises/marrones, si desea un envío a un país así, por favor, proporciónenos los textos de las leyes locales y cambiaremos el color a verde después de una comprobación positiva.

legal info map for our product 4Me-NEB, green are countries where we found no ban, red with ban, grey is unknown
Prohibido. No enviamos 4Me-NEB allí
Probablemente legal. Enviamos 4Me-NEB allí
Desconocido. Pregúntenos antes de hacer su pedido


4Me-NEB is new, no tripreports yet.

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Ordered and can’t wait to test in on my rats. Was testing everything on them except this one. After trying this one gonna continue writing my book…
The response time is always different but last time I got everything in two weeks.. The prices are nice and all the substances are high quality for sure. Hope to work together in the future if I find the right thing that I need. I’m gonna leave another review after getting a package and testing everything at work. Feel pretty excited and In the same time not sure about it)) But we gonna see in the process. Have a nice day all!

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