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3MMC repaso:
This is a very good product!!...bit the time of shipped is too many, is really disappoiment!!
2FDCK review:
First of all, thanks for a nice and friendly customer support.
Fast delivery and no hassle. About the product: great crystals, essentially a small rock. Judging from SWIMS testing of the product I have no doubt it is very potent. Feels like K but different, hard to describe. Astonishing antidepressant if taken at low doses. Very happy about this product.
2FDCK repaso:
best Ketamin replacement nearly no big difference, best quality, best service & best shipping. just have a try you will not regret it ;-)
3MMC repaso:
Just received package this is my second order and like always quality and service is one of the best. Thanks for extra grams and samples !!!Looking forward to order more asap.

3mmc juklislab.com best cheap trusted.
3MMC repaso:
3mmc looks very good. I got extra samples of 4cmc! My rats feeling that this quality are of the best around Europe since they can remember. Im Hunsynth customer since day one and this is a bulletproof vendor Juklislab - Easy fast and very nice to work with. Looking forward for more deals! Super recommend! A+++
2FDCK repaso:
Beautiful strong mega rocks like always. My favorite 2-FDCK supplyier, thanks for the overweight and the sample.
2FDCK repaso:
It's all OK! very helpful sellers my rats are really happy!
2FDCK repaso:
Big crystals and very nice quality, my rats noticed strong dissociative effect during 3 hours
We added CBD. its 99.98% purity !
We added 2-FDCK. We dont have much stock of it.
We just got Hex-en crystals in stock.
Fanatyk kanny:
Maczanki będą u was na stanie przyszłości? Szkoda że płatność Btc wszyscy do końca nie mają szansę na płatność btc
2FPM repaso:
i was a customer of the old shop from 6 years ago. recently got a newsletter that they reopened. their legality-system sucks i could order only this 2FPM. well its not one of their best products (it fades away too quick), but i think they are the only company who makes it. payment was uncomplicated and it was shipped with UPS within some days. if they would add more products that i can actually order it would get again my favorit shop.
3MMC repaso:
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