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Can I get aphp
Can source 1p-lsd and 1CP-lsd, both in microdose format= 20 mcg in blotter form? Looking for a new regular vendor for this. Much wanted chemical so will attract other customers too. Can just propose ofc, do as u feel. Would be AWESOME (if 10 pieces don't cost 30 euros like MD NL lol. Most other vendors (one im talking with and ready to ship, sells 10 for 12,5 euros for example. Vendors alias = "FC", used 2 be RC, u know, the one who was the offical LL vendor....)
a-PiHP review:
Ordered some. Got it and its mut bien, but im kind of haha-pissed. ASAP i made My order the price went down so much. 15g More would have Been 45e More. But i got what i ordered then. Need Better timing next Time. Awesome product. This is The best.
2FDCK review:
Always top quality since my first orders in 2020, beautiful crystals.
2FDCK review:
Very clean product, like snow. Perfect synthesis. Nothing more to say.
Calvin L. Stevens:
i think you should still offer it, as some people prefer it over 2fdck and there's no harm in having it as well.
But it's your choice after all :)
@Calvin, we made a small batch of DCK in 2014, and the general consensus was that 2FDCK is better.
Calvin L. Stevens:
i see you have 2-fdck and o-pce, are you planning on offering dck anytime soon?
Yes, a-PiHP and NEP are in stock
Do you have A-pihp available in stock?
I would like to place an order. Thx
need nep crystal in bulk to eu wrote u on all mails.., pls reply
3cmc on?
O-PCE review:
A few fellow Northern European- breed mice, got a little qift of O-PCE. This is definitely a dissoative, and holy cow it is STRONG!!! One took quite time to spit these words out;'THIS IS... THIS IS THE SHIT & something about the tranquility of 3-MeO-PCP&MXE.

Long story short; seems like described, VERY potent, overall quality is well just as perfect I'd expect fromJuklis, haha. Keep up with good work!
4Me-NEB review:
Ordered and can’t wait to test in on my rats. Was testing everything on them except this one. After trying this one gonna continue writing my book…
The response time is always different but last time I got everything in two weeks.. The prices are nice and all the substances are high quality for sure. Hope to work together in the future if I find the right thing that I need. I’m gonna leave another review after getting a package and testing everything at work. Feel pretty excited and In the same time not sure about it)) But we gonna see in the process. Have a nice day all!
We were slow with answering emails as we moved the warehouse a week ago. Operation is full on again.
Dave furiama:
Do you ship 2-FDCK to the US?
sorry, we dont ship to the USA
Do you ship apihp to the usa
2FDCK review:
2FDCK works "as presented", strong. My mice seem to get to be downer and the hallucinations rather hard to predict and dose. This is shady economical drug in compact rocks with different brown shading. Mixing with semi-hard 3MMC/CMC may yeild crazed amnesia. Big bang for bucks for mices that's up to be hammered. Too potent darkish for me! Sorry for Ketamine no go.
Why is there a MOQ of 10??
3MMA review:
Hi there,

I've been researching this compound for a few weeks now. I love it. My friends and I have been researching pyrovalerone analogues for too long. I am very happy to find a strong stimulant that still floats my boat. I've been strung out on alpha-PiHP for more than a year. Regular stimulants don't seem to affect me much anymore. So I am very glad to 'welcome' this compound. Alpha-PiHP is a lot cheaper, but the short duration of the substance has made it into a lifestyle more than a stimulant. So I don't mind paying more for 3MMA. Thank you Juklis!

Kind regards,

miguel barboa:
i'd lioke to get the 3mmc fr4ee sample
Rajwant basrai:
I would like to purchase a small order first like 2g of 5-mmpa to see if I receive the package
3MMC review:
No Scam, good quality, good delivery, weight was right, pictures are real you will get what you see there so perfect service as ever...
a-PiHP review:
No Scam, good quality, good delivery, weight was sadly first time under ordered 10 get 8, pictures are real you will get what you see there so perfect service as ever...
hex-en review:
No Scam, good quality, good delivery, weight was right, pictures are real you will get what you see there so perfect service as ever...
3MMC review:
Ordered some 3mmc for some lab experiments and the response time was extraordinarily fast. This one was the second order I made. The first one, which was 4cmc, arrived without any problem in few days after the order and the quality was very good. In the second one I had a problem with the local provider and juklislab gave me the best client support I could ever expect. I finally received the product in perfect conditions. Both the first and the second orders have been a pleasant and cordial interaction with juklislab, I hope I will be able to continue to buy their product as it is the best provider I have interacted with in the past years. Their product is of good quality and they have one of the lowest prices I have found in the market. Very easy to interact with. I fully recommend buying products in this page.
a-PiHP review:
Second order, always overweight, nice stuff to research. A lot of thanks for the free sample (I ordered two and came three packages). But I don't know what's is, I'll look the pictures and try to figure what is. If you don't mind and have time please send me what is at n*c*.th*@gmail.com. Thank you!
Segundo pedido, siempre viene de más, buen material para la investigación. Muchísimas gracias por las muestra gratis (pedí dos y vinieron tres envíos). Pero no sé lo que es, miraré las imágenes y trataré de figurar cual es. Si no te importa y tienes tiempo por favor envíame que es a n*c*.th*@gmail.com.
4CMC review:
This is a pro and legit store of research chemicals, arrived very fast (2days), product is as described and have nice prices. Looking for making more and bigger bussines with JUKLIS LAB in a few weeks. Bulk prices are very goood.
Thank you!
Esta es una tienda profesional y legítima de 'research chemicals', llegó muy rápido (2días), el producto es como se describe y tiene buen precio. Haré mas y mayores negocios con JUKLIS LAB en un par de semanas. Los precios 'bulk' son muy buenos.
A la atención de nuestros clientes y amigos ,queremos informar que la distribución de nuestros productos tiene su salida desde España !
Agradecidos por vuestros pedidos os Informamos , Súper Oferta del producto 3MMC
Has tú pedido ya !!!
a-PiHP review:
I received my order today, only took one day since jukis lab send me the tracking, amazing delivery speed, I think they have local suppliers arround EU, or just are in my country (western europe).
I ordered 5 grams and came 5.65 grams, great.
Thank you.
Recibí mi pedido hoy, solo tomó un día desde que jukis lab me enviara el código de tracking, velocidad de reparto asombrosa, yo creo que tienen distribuidores locales por Europa, o simplemente están en mi país (oeste de Europa).
Pedí 5 gramos y vinieron 5.65 gramos, genial.
Nurmi jerry:
I would like to know exactly what courier service is being used for the package sent by dpd dhl fedex gls or some other similar shipping comp
I am ordering from Finland...

Thanks for your help 🤔🤗‼️
3MMC review:
This is a very good product!!...bit the time of shipped is too many, is really disappoiment!!
2FDCK review:
First of all, thanks for a nice and friendly customer support.
Fast delivery and no hassle. About the product: great crystals, essentially a small rock. Judging from SWIMS testing of the product I have no doubt it is very potent. Feels like K but different, hard to describe. Astonishing antidepressant if taken at low doses. Very happy about this product.
2FDCK review:
best Ketamin replacement nearly no big difference, best quality, best service & best shipping. just have a try you will not regret it ;-)
3MMC review:
Just received package this is my second order and like always quality and service is one of the best. Thanks for extra grams and samples !!!Looking forward to order more asap.

3mmc juklislab.com best cheap trusted.
3MMC review:
3mmc looks very good. I got extra samples of 4cmc! My rats feeling that this quality are of the best around Europe since they can remember. Im Hunsynth customer since day one and this is a bulletproof vendor Juklislab - Easy fast and very nice to work with. Looking forward for more deals! Super recommend! A+++
2FDCK review:
Beautiful strong mega rocks like always. My favorite 2-FDCK supplyier, thanks for the overweight and the sample.
2FDCK review:
It's all OK! very helpful sellers my rats are really happy!
2FDCK review:
Big crystals and very nice quality, my rats noticed strong dissociative effect during 3 hours
We added CBD. its 99.98% purity !
We added 2-FDCK. We dont have much stock of it.
We just got Hex-en crystals in stock.
Fanatyk kanny:
Maczanki będą u was na stanie przyszłości? Szkoda że płatność Btc wszyscy do końca nie mają szansę na płatność btc
2FPM review:
i was a customer of the old shop from 6 years ago. recently got a newsletter that they reopened. their legality-system sucks i could order only this 2FPM. well its not one of their best products (it fades away too quick), but i think they are the only company who makes it. payment was uncomplicated and it was shipped with UPS within some days. if they would add more products that i can actually order it would get again my favorit shop.
3MMC review:
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