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Please review the following FAQ before sending an email. We will not respond to emailed questions that have answers in the FAQ.

Please read, it takes 2 minutes!

How do I know you are legit?

Since www.safeorscam.com closed its service its hard to find out. Try a small testorder if you are not sure.

What languages do you speak?


What are the prices?

The prices are all listed on our site!

Is juklislab.bg related to you?

No, juklislab.bg and other sites with our name in them are not operated by us, and they have not asked us for permission to use our name.

Do you have products which are not listed on the site?

No, if we get a product in stock it is posted to the site the same day.

How can I pay?

You can pay with bitcoins.

There are currently no other options available! Please do not ask for PayPal, cash in mail, or any other payment options!

What shipping methods are available? How much do they cost? What are the terms? What is the estimated shipping time?

CURRIER: Inside the EU we give an arrival guarantee. Shipping time in the EU is up to one week. A good online tracking system is available. Courier shiments require a signature upon arrival. The cost is included in the price.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?


Can you ship to Poste Restante ?


Can you ship to a Packstation address?

No. No orders that have been sent to Packstations have never arrived!

Where do you ship from?

We ship from within the EU.

Can you send the order out before the payment reaches you?


Will I get a payment confirmation?

The system will send you an email once your payment arrives.

Will you send me tracking information?

The system will send you the tracking information as soon as your order is shipped.

May I come and arrange the purchase in person?

In some cases, yes. But, only for a meeting and not a transaction. This is for your safety and ours. Customers with a long history of orders are more likely to be granted a meeting.

What do you know about the regulation of these materials?

You are responsible for knowing the local regulations of the products you are purchasing. We only monitor the legal status in countries that we do business. Please seek professional advice in your country regarding this matter. If you have any doubts concerning the regulation status of our products, we urge you not to purchase it until you are confident that you can do so. If you order a product which is scheduled in your country, we take no responsibility for any events which may occur once it arrives in your country. We do not condone anyone violating their local laws. If we learn that you are ordering products that are illegal in your local area, we will ban you from the site!

Again, to be clear, we only actively monitor the regulations of the countries from which we ship our products. You must understand your local laws.

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