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Dr. Johan Jukli (September 9, 1830 – December 16, 1932) was an dutch psychopharmacologist and businessman, best known for founding Juklislab and later acting as the companys brand ambassador. He and his team are credited for the discovery, synthesis and personal bioassay of over 230 psychoactive substances.
Juklislab is a small company with over a decade of chemical knowledge. Our focus is on creating new molecules and researching these materials, all within the legal boundaries of the EU and it's countries. Many of these chemicals were introduced into the market by ourselves. They are intended for laboratory, scientific and industrial use only and can be hazardous if handled/used incorrectly.

None of our products are intended for human consumption. You must be at least 18 years of age to order.

Status of the site

29.11.2019 We implemented our own Bitcoin-paymentsystem, you can place orders already. Retail amounts starting at 1g will be added soon. You might want to visit or bulk-only partnersite schengenlab.com

The Law

All products must be legal in the destination country. We maintain a law-database covering many EU countries. It is displayed in the form of a red/green-map on each product-site or on the link below. Nevertheless it is the customer's responsibility to conduct the necessary research regarding their local laws as our own research may be wrong.


Currently only bitcoin are accepted.

Additional info

In case you would like to receive any additional information regarding our company or our products, contact us by the email provided under CONTACT.

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