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Dr. Johan Jukli is an dutch psychopharmacologist and businessman, best known for founding Juklislab and acting as the companys deputy managing director. He and his team are credited for the discovery, synthesis and personal neural binding assays of over 150 psychoactive substances.
Juklislab is a small company with over a decade of chemical knowledge. Our focus is on creating new molecules and researching these materials, all within the legal boundaries of the EU and its countries. Many of these chemicals were introduced into the market by ourselves. They are intended for laboratory, scientific and industrial use only and can be hazardous if mishandled.

None of our products are intended for human consumption. We do not ship to the USA and Switzerland.

We stock these products


Euthylone crystals in stock. 3mmc and 3cmc back in stock too.

We stock Euthylone in powder form. You can already pre-order crystals.

The dutch cabinet wants to ban 3MMC, 4CMC, HEX-EN and a-PHP on 1. october, see Ontwerpbesluit van de Opiumwet

Germany updates its NpSG, will be in force from 3.7.2021.

We introduce our new invention 3CC (3-Chloro-Cathinone).

Signing the petition against the upcoming law change in the Netherlands: startbeterdrugsbeleid.nl

We got the first batch of 3MMA (3-Me-MA, 3-Methyl-Methamphetamine), our new invention.

We just got the first batch of our invention Mephedrene. It is ready to order. Our internal studies suggest pharmacology similar to 4FA or 4MMC, releasing serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

The Dutch government is planning to ban each and every drug of the future. Here are some papers that fight this law: juklislab.com/npswet

New dutch draft bill, download here.

The 63rd Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs decided to include Hex-En, 4CMC and others to The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which forces governments to add them to their laws soon. Check in our database.

We implemented our Bitcoin payment system.


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Current legislation

All products must be legal in the destination country. We maintain a law-database covering many EU countries. It is displayed in the form of a red/green-map on each product-site or the link below. Nevertheless, it is the customer's responsibility to conduct the necessary research regarding their local laws as our research may be wrong.


We accept bitcoins and wire-transfer.

Additional info

In case you would like to receive any additional information regarding our company or our products, contact us by email provided under CONTACT.