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We recently made our first batch of Euthylone as we believe this is the best stimulant right now. The effect is comparable to cocaine with a touch of 4mmc. It works mainly on dopamine and a bit on serotonin and has hardly any norepinephrine activity, which makes stimulation less stressful than other cathinones, yet very strong. Its crystals, the color changes to brown during crystallization.

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The IUPAC of Euthylone is '1-(2H-1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-(ethylamino)butan-1-one', its CAS number is 17764-18-0.

Chemical structure of Euthylone


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Product description

Image from our product Euthylone-crystals which we make at our dedicated lab
Eutylone (bk-EBDB) is a methylone analog that possesses ethyl groups at the α-carbon and amine positions. Reuptake inhibition properties are as follows: DAT: 281nM > SERT 640nM > NE 700nM. Monoamine transporter studies showed that effects at DAT being 10-fold more potent than the effects at NET. It also has relatively robust releasing capabilities.
Treatment with eutylone resulted in stimulation of locomotor activity of male Swiss-Webster mice following intraperitoneal administration of 1 to 25 mg/kg. The stimulant effects of eutylone occurred within 10 minutes following administration of eutylone and lasted for 70 min.
In drug discrimination studies performed in animals, eutylone fully substituted the discriminative stimulus effects of methamphetamine, suggesting its potential for abuse.
Information published in online user forums suggest the administration of 50 mg eutylone by snorting, or between 100-200 mg orally.
Euthylone has been explored for use in pharmacological formulations by Boehringer Sohn AG and Co KG Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH in 1967.

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