a-PiHP, also called α-Pyrrolidinoisohexaphenon, is a novel Research Chemical from the substituted cathinone family with structural similarities to MDPV. It exhibits very strong stimulation in rats and is suspected to be a adrenaline and dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

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The IUPAC of a-PiHP is '4-methyl-1-phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)pentan-1-on', its CAS number is 2181620-71-1.

Chemical structure of a-PiHP


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Product description

Image from our product a-PiHP-crystals which we make at our dedicated lab
a-PiHP is a synthetic stimulant of the cathinone and pyrrolidine classes, which includes compounds like MDPV, hexen, and a-PHP. It is chemically related to prolintane. It acts as a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

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It's so difficult to get the chance to make so good product is very important for the others who have the same thing as i have tested no one else except dr.juklis made so sweet product the taste smoking that is better than anything else been trying of a PiHP but be careful when you using more than 150 ml.daily nothing higher effect of happiness can give you to be honest can be dangerous depends the person every one is having different organism react separately and must have a company to look after it's other.Personaly never used at the most 200 mk.daily but rear time to make that quantity better from our people is using by smoking than from nose because is burning from a 50 ml.of every dose from nose but always to of 150 ml.daily never passing that limit also is the cure for being heroin addicted is make the persons like they find their medicine against heroin that telling me and even not be able for smoking cigarettes tell me they close to quit smoking also from a packet of cigarettes per day made a packet to one week.Keep going the good work dr.juklis and never been able to change supplier also i want to say quantity always been most than grams i order but sometimes made some order mistakes that is human effect of that no one is perfect just look after the orders to be completed right with out mistakes because in my country is better than gold for my clients.I wish Merry Christmas to all from Greece and happy new year to all the people.Dr.juklis being the best suggested to all of you out there.
Ordered some. Got it and its mut bien, but im kind of haha-pissed. ASAP i made My order the price went down so much. 15g More would have Been 45e More. But i got what i ordered then. Need Better timing next Time. Awesome product. This is The best.
No Scam, good quality, good delivery, weight was sadly first time under ordered 10 get 8, pictures are real you will get what you see there so perfect service as ever...
Second order, always overweight, nice stuff to research. A lot of thanks for the free sample (I ordered two and came three packages). But I don't know what's is, I'll look the pictures and try to figure what is. If you don't mind and have time please send me what is at n*c*.th*@gmail.com. Thank you!
Segundo pedido, siempre viene de más, buen material para la investigación. Muchísimas gracias por las muestra gratis (pedí dos y vinieron tres envíos). Pero no sé lo que es, miraré las imágenes y trataré de figurar cual es. Si no te importa y tienes tiempo por favor envíame que es a n*c*.th*@gmail.com.
I received my order today, only took one day since jukis lab send me the tracking, amazing delivery speed, I think they have local suppliers arround EU, or just are in my country (western europe).
I ordered 5 grams and came 5.65 grams, great.
Thank you.
Recibí mi pedido hoy, solo tomó un día desde que jukis lab me enviara el código de tracking, velocidad de reparto asombrosa, yo creo que tienen distribuidores locales por Europa, o simplemente están en mi país (oeste de Europa).
Pedí 5 gramos y vinieron 5.65 gramos, genial.

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