N-Ethyl-nor-pentedrone, or NEP, is a stimulant similar to HEX-EN.

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The IUPAC of NEP is '2-(ethylamino)-1-phenylpentan-1-one', its CAS number is 18268-16-1.

Chemical structure of NEP

Legal Status NEP

This product must be legal in the destination country, or we won't accept the order. It is the customer's responsibility to conduct the necessary research regarding their local laws. Below you find a map that shows how we see the current situation regarding the legality of nep, based on this documents.
If you think this data is incorrect, please email us about it. We only ship to green areas. We don't know about the grey areas. If you want a shipment to such a country, please provide us your local law-texts, and we will change color to green after a positive check.

legal info map for our product NEP, green are countries where we found no ban, red with ban, grey is unknown
Banned. We dont ship NEP there
Probably legal. We ship NEP there
Unknown. Mail us before you order

Product description

Image from our product NEP-crystals which we make at our dedicated lab

Quality Assurance at Juklislab

At Juklislab, we are committed to providing the highest quality NEP for research purposes. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure purity, potency, and consistency. We understand the importance of reliable materials in scientific studies and strive to support researchers in their quest for knowledge. Our quality assurance process includes:

Product reviews

Great service and 14 day delivery for south Europe.
Compound came in crystals of very high purity. The crystals are white and beautiful as well as chemically stable, when crushed they produce a fine white powder. Lab rats seem responsive to the compound and have euphoric-energy like effects of heightened dopamine and norepinephrine. Cognitive euphoria and sociability enhancement were noticeable as well.
Compounds euphoric effects last up to 1hr when the substance is insufflated and even more when the substance was administered orally, although bioavailability from the oral route of administration was lower. The comedown effects were noticeable, the rats showed symptoms of heightened heart rate, some anxiety, fatigue and motivation suppression. It should be noted that the comedown effects were relatively mild compared to other compounds of the cathinone class. The comedown was limited to some time after the peak effects, the state of the lab rats after a night's sleep was completely normal without comedown effects.
Overall would recommend, good service and satisfactory product, just be careful with NEP

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