O-PCE, also known as N-ethyldeschloroketamine, eticyclidone or 2-Oxo-PCE, is a novel dissociative substance. It has similarities to 2FDCK, but is also stimulatory and more potent.

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The IUPAC of O-PCE is '2-(ethylamino)-2-phenylcyclohexan-1-one', its CAS number is 4551-92-2.

Chemical structure of O-PCE


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Product description

Image from our product O-PCE-crystals which we make at our dedicated lab
Compared to 2FDCK, this compound can be described as generally more stimulant, with less cognitive and sensory suppression. It has been reported that the first half of the duration of action produces primarily stimulant effects with minimal dissociation, while the second half is primarily dissociative with minimal stimulation.
Its stimulation is comparable to that of classical stimulants such as methylphenidate or cocaine, but is less functional.
Visual hallucinations occur with closed eyes.

Product reviews

A few fellow Northern European- breed mice, got a little qift of O-PCE. This is definitely a dissoative, and holy cow it is STRONG!!! One took quite time to spit these words out;'THIS IS... THIS IS THE SHIT & something about the tranquility of 3-MeO-PCP&MXE.

Long story short; seems like described, VERY potent, overall quality is well just as perfect I'd expect fromJuklis, haha. Keep up with good work!

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